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Junk TV - Messing About At The Weekend album

Junk TV - Messing About At The Weekend album Performer: Junk TV
Title: Messing About At The Weekend
Style: Alternative Rock, Pop Rock
Date of release: 1999
Size MP3: 1295 mb
Size FLAC: 1104 mb
Rating: 4.8

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Something for the Weekend is the sixth studio album by the British rock group Stackridge. It was released in the UK in October 1999 by Angel Air. "It's a Fascinating World" (James Warren). Ruth, Did You Read My Mind?" (John Miller, Warren). Something About the Beatles" (Warren, Sarah Menage). Help Under Doors" (Miller, Warren). The Vegans Hatred of Fish" (Crun Walter). Sliding Down the Razorblade of Love" (Roger Cook, Andy West). The Youth of Today" (Miller, Warren). Faith in Love" (Warren).

Saturday + Sunday the weekend. Weekend is written as ONE word. You do NOT write it as two words (week end – incorrect) or with a dash/hyphen (week-end – incorrect). AT or ON the weekend? Complete this sentenc. play football the weekend. Do we say AT the weekend or ON the weekend? What is the difference? AT the weekend is used in British English. ON the weekend is used in American English. I play football AT the weekend. More example sentences: (Think about when the sentence would be use. n British or American English). I think I’ll visit my parents at the weekend. What do you usually do on the weekend? I read an entire book on the weekend. I’m going to set aside an hour at the weekend to clean the bathroom. On Fridays after work or school, you may hear people say Finally, it’s the weekend! even though it is not Saturday yet. Last weekend – Next weekend.

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8 This Is Your Life (Magic Garden Mix)


Track 8 is not mentioned on the back cover