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This Is Me Drinking Some Refreshing Soda - Linear Algebra On Monday 1 album Performer: This Is Me Drinking Some Refreshing Soda
Title: Linear Algebra On Monday 1
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Date of release: 2016
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This is the first lecture in MIT's course 1. 6, linear algebra, and I'm Gilbert Strang. The text for the course is this book, Introduction to Linear Algebra. And the course web page, which has got a lot of exercises from the past, MatLab codes, the syllabus for the course, is we. it. And this is the first lecture, lecture one. So, and later we'll give the web address for viewing these, videotapes. Okay, so what's in the first lecture? This is my plan. The fundamental problem of linear algebra, which is to solve a system of linear equations

In mathematics, and more specifically in linear algebra, a linear subspace, also known as a vector subspace is a vector space that is a subset of some larger vector space. A linear subspace is usually called simply a subspace when the context serves to distinguish it from other types of subspaces

This is going to be my summary of Linear Algebra course from MIT. I watched the lectures of this course in the summer of last year. This was not the first time I'm learning linear algebra. I already read a couple of books and read a few tutorials a couple of years ago but it was not enough for a curious mind like mine. Take a look at this publication if you don't believe me "Linear Algebra Behind Google. Linear algebra has also tens and hundreds of other computational applications, to name a few, data coding and compression, pattern recognition, machine learning, image processing and computer simulations. The course contains 35 lectures. Each lecture is 40 minutes long, but you can speed them up and watch one in 20 mins. The course is taught by Gilbert Strang. He's the world's leading expert in linear algebra and its applications and has helped the development of Matlab mathematics.

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This is some advanced text "Linear Algebra" by Peter Lax. Avery concise book only for those who wish undertake a lot of hard work to understand it thoroughly. You might want to stay away if you don't know about the book, Courant guys you see :) The duo of "A primer on Linear Algebra" and " Matrix Theory and Linear Algebra" by . Herstein is popular for giving tough times to people with his exercises. Though I haven't read the book myself, My prof.

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